Our vision

Every day, here at St Paul’s, we say the following sentence as part of our daily prayer:

we affirm that we are made in God’s image,
befriended by Christ, 
empowered by the spirit.*

The foundation of our faith and ministry is our belief in our created-ness in the image of God. This creates a level playing field for all people and the possibility to relate to each other, acknowledging similarities and differences, giving each other space to be and do and creating a common bond that makes it possible to co-exist peacefully and work together for the common good.

It is Christ who through his life, death and resurrection shows us the nature of God,

affirming God’s spirit of goodness
at the heart of humanity,

planted more deeply than all that is wrong*,

giving us freedom, beauty, truth, love, hope and joy.

We read the bible because it tells of our past and roots and gives us hope for our future; it speaks to us of signs and symbols (sacraments) which celebrate our unity in diversity; it enables us to reflect on real day to day experiences and challenges us to search for truth and signs of the Kingdom of God.

As a church we are challenged and committed to look for and affirm what is good and search and oppose what is evil; we acknowledge that we do not always manage to do that well, living in the mess which is our world, but are encouraged by the knowledge that God is loving and forgiving.

We are called to share that knowledge of a loving and forgiving God with all who are searching for meaning and direction in their own lives; being aware of our own boundaries and limitations we strive to welcome all with humility, ready to journey together for a while.

We regularly meet in community to worship, to pause and rest, to be inspired, energised and renewed and to

celebrate the miracle and wonder of life,
the unfolding purposes of God,
forever at work in ourselves
and the world.*

An Affirmation of Faith, Daily Prayer, The Iona Community.