Notice is hereby given

that the Church Electoral Roll of the above parish will be revised by the Parochial Church Council*, beginning on Saturday the 12th day of September 2020, and ending on Saturday 26th day of September 2020.

(* The Revision must be completed not less than 15 days or more than 28 days before the Annual               Parochial Church Meeting.)

After such Revision, a copy of the Roll will be exhibited for not less than 14 days on, or near to, the principal                                                         door of the Parish Church for inspection.

Under the Church Representation Rules any persons are entitled to have their names entered on the roll if they—

(i)    are baptised and aged 16 or over;

(ii)    have signed a form of application for enrolment;

and either

(iii)    are members of the Church of England or of any Church in communion with                   the Church of England being resident in the parish or (not being resident in                     the parish) having habitually attended public worship in the parish during the                   six months prior to the application for enrolment;


(iv)    are members in good standing of a Church (not in communion with the                           Church of England) which subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity                             declaring themselves also to be members of the Church of England and                         having habitually attended public worship in the parish during  the period of                     six months prior to enrolment.

Forms of application for enrolment can be obtained from the undersigned. In order to be entitled to attend the annual parochial church meeting and to take part in its proceedings, forms of application for enrolment must be returned by the date shown above for the ending of the revision of the Electoral Roll by the Parochial Church Council.

Any error discovered in the roll should at once be reported to the undersigned.

Dated this 11th day of September 2020


Signed ______________________ Address:

            Church Electoral Roll Officer

A copy of the application form for enrolment to the Electoral Roll at St Paul’s Church Wimbledon Parkside can be downloaded via this secure link:  Application-for-Enrolment-Electoral-Roll

Please return completed forms to the Parish Office by post or email at the address shown below by Saturday 26th September 2020.

Parish Office                                                                                                                      c/o St Paul’s Community Centre                                                                                          23 Inner Park Road                                                                                                            London                                                                                                                        SW19 6ED                                                                                                                          t:  020 8785 2341                                                                                                              m:  07533 652695                                                                                                            w: