Trinity 6 (23/7/2017)

Pewsheet 23 July 2017


Son of Man
All humanity is part of you

How we long to own
judgements that do not belong to us.
To cast a negative glance and
see a weed in another
to set ourselves apart from
‘people like these.’

Son of woman
Messiah and saviour
Yet one who would not
put out a flickering candle,
nor crush a bruised reed.
There is gentleness in your
judgement, yet power and
fire in the consequence
for all those who cause harm
to the smallest of your children.

Child of humanity
dowe prefer to take the chair
set the parties count the votes
rule who is ‘in’ and who is ‘out’

Forgive us our weediness
The intrusion into the
good growth of others
that is our exclusion of them.
Our placing injustice
above grace;
division above acceptance
of difference.

Hold until the end times
all our judgements for us
enable us to lay them
before the winnowing angels
without shame.