Trinity 13 (10/9/2017)

Pewsheet 10 September 2017


Oh God who meets us in our most intimate places,
Who calls us to hold each other in love and care even as divisions seek to tear us apart,
Be with us as we seek to listen, to engage and to respect each other’s stories,
May we always be ready to draw others back in,
Just as you constantly draw us back to you. Amen


Parish Profile As part of the process of recruiting a new vicar, we have to produce a Parish Profile describing distinctive features of St Paul’s and explaining how we see the church developing in the future.

To enable everyone to contribute to this we are inviting you to complete a questionnaire during September and October, and are organising an open consultation meeting with small discussion groups on Sunday October 8th at 11.30.

Please note the date as we would like to have a healthy attendance.

Parish Profile 2017 Questionnaire