Sunday before Lent (26/2/2017)

Pewsheet 26 February 2017

“In the marketplace … of warring ideologies we seek not to add to the din, but to build relationships that endure and give meaning to life.”

Richard Chartres, former bishop of London.


God of the mountain and the prophet
God of the transfigured body and the tired body,
You are in the muscles of Jesus climbing the high hill.
And you are in the cloud. You are in the voice.
And you are in the companions, coming down that high mountain.
Help us to lift our eyes to the art that bewilders us
So that when we turn to what is around us
We may see the old with new eyes.
We ask this because you are in the bright cloud and in the high mountain
We ask this because you are also in the valley and in the interruption.