Trinity Sunday (11/6/2017)

Pewsheet 11 June 2017


With the beckoning and dawning of another day,
can the fragile, yet extraordinary words of Jesus
propel us to a wider awareness
a gentler compassion?
To the rediscovery of the sacred in ourselves and in our world.
To that risk-taking place
where we are free to be aware?
To a different journey
in a listening companionship
with these prophets of our time –
the wounded and weary
who, amazingly, announce the Kingdom
and carry in their stories
the seeds of the morrow?
The ‘hidden ones’ whose joy and pain
when threaded through our lives
enlarges the heart and brings new meaning to God’s story.
The God whose light still shines, and who tenderly invites us
to love our neighbours as ourselves.

Anna Briggs, The Iona Community

Pentecost (4/6/2017)

The Bishop and Dean of Southwark have announced that, owing to the continuing restrictions around Southwark Cathedral, the Diocesan Pentecost Service is now to be held at St Mark’s Kennington at 6.30pm tonight.

Pewsheet 4 June 2017

Food for thought

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”

TS Eliot, Little Gidding V,
Four Quartets (1943)

Easter 7 (28/5/2017)

Pewsheet 28 May 2017

On Ascension Day, Timothy Garton Ash was awarded the Charlemagne Prize ”in recognition of his outstanding scientific and journalistic work as a convincing and influential English European and European Englishman who sees the United Kingdom as belonging to the European community of values”.

You can read his acceptance speech here.

Easter 2 (23/4/2017)

Pewsheet 23 April 2017

The APCM will start at 12 noon in the Coffee Lounge.

Printed reports are availble here and as hardcopy on the day


God without fear,
You who call us, again and again, to live without fear,
We confess that we do fear, and when we do,
We hide in rooms.
Be among us. Open our fearful hearts to what is there.
Because you are always with us.


Pewsheet 16 April 2017

Easter bonnets at St Paul’s

The sun slowly rises …

Feel it on your face and hands and

in your heart

Spring is coming

The light shines in the darkness

and the darkness will never put it out

In the early dawn they went to the tomb …

The sun slowly rises …

from: The Sun Slowly Rises
Readings, reflections and prayers for Holy Week 
from the Iona Community.

In these days of darkness we are being reminded that “Hope is believing in spite of the evidence and then watching the evidence change.” (Hebrews 11,1) In fact, we are called to make that change. Old ways of doing things are being challenged; the way ahead may not be clear. But signposts, surges of hope, are strategically placed by God to guide us. Look for them. Follow them. First in your heart and then in your daily life. EASTER.