Conversion of St Paul (22/1/2017)

Pewsheet 22 January 2017

Today, St Paul’s celebrates 140 years of ministry.

Commissioned by the Lord, empowered from above,
Go out into the world. Enact the rule of love.
It’s time to take a lead, reverse the reign of greed,
Make prejudice and fear dissolve and disappear.
When conflicts turn to dust through empathy and trust
Rejoice to see God’s kingdom come!
Commissioned by the Lord, the captive to release,
Go out into the world. Prepare the paths of peace.
The walls of hate come tumbling down.
Commissioned by the Lord, injustice to destroy,
Go out into the world. Bring freedom, hope and joy!
We’re building God’s kingdom on earth.

Christmas 2016

Pewsheet for Christmas Day and the week following

 Sermon Christmas Midnight HDT 

What is it to be man?

What is living?
The broad hall found between narrow walls.
What is acknowledging?
Finding the one root under the branches’ tangle.

What is believing?
Watching at home till the time arrives for welcome.
What is forgiving?
Pushing your way through thorns to stand alongside your old enemy.

What is singing?
The ancient gifted breath drawn in creating.
What is labour but making songs
from the wood and the wheat?

What is it to govern kingdoms?
A skill still crawling on all fours.
And arming kingdoms?
A knife placed in a baby’s fist.

What is it to be a people?
A gift lodged in the heart’s deep folds.
What is love of country?
Keeping house among a cloud of witnesses.

What is the world to the wealthy and strong?
A wheel, turning and turning.
What is the world to earth’s little ones?
A cradle, rocking and rocking.

                                        Waldo Williams (1904–71)
                                        translation by Rowan Williams

Waldo (Goronwy) Williams was one of the leading Welsh language poets of the twentieth century. He was also a notable Christian pacifist, anti-war campaigner, and Welsh nationalist.

Christmas Day Sermon 2016