Patronal Festival and farewell to Heinz and Margery

On January 28th at 10am we will be celebrating St Paul’s Patronal Festival and remembering the foundation of the church and parish in the Victorian era.The guest preacher will be Caroline Risdon (nee Brennan) who was ordained from St Paul’s. As usual, this will be followed by a bring and share meal during which we will also be saying good-bye to Heinz and Margery who will be moving on after 18 years of work and life at St Paul’s.

All welcome!

From SW19 to the Isle of Iona

Dear friends,

when I told you in April 2017 that I was going to retire, I thought that I was going to end my working life and – apart from helping out in our village in Yorkshire occasionally – put my feet up or do all the things I didn’t have enough time to do when I was your Vicar.

Not so, apparently!

I have just been appointed Iona Centre Manager for the Iona Community. This is an exciting opportunity for both Margery and me to work with and for the  Community during the refurbishment of the residential part of the Abbey, co-ordinating and leading worship in the Abbey Church, to deliver programme activities and offer welcome and hospitality to visitors to the island, while living in a small community with fellow members and the workforce delivering improvements of the building.

The Wild Goose – a Celtic  symbol of the Holy Spirit.


After my last service at St Paul’s on January 28th at 10am, followed by a bring and share lunch, to which you’re all welcome, Margery and I will be packing up our stuff and moving to Iona for this new adventure and the next step on our journey.

I’m not 100% sure yet, but I may be taking up writing a blog again as I did during my sabbatical on Iona in 2009 … watch this space if you’re interested.

Follow these links:
f​or more info on the Iona Community
for more info on Iona and island life

Perhaps see you there?!

Carol singing for Glass Door

Carol singing for Glass Door at Southfields Tube Station and in the Southfields Gardens area raised £468.16. We have since received another gift voucher for £100, making a total of £568.16

Thank you to all who sang and gave.

Click on the GLASSDOOR logo for more info.

Advent and CHRISTMAS 2017

 1st Sunday in Advent, December 3rd 7.15 pm – 8.15

Recital Stuart Raeburn (Tenor), David Gooderson (Speaker), David Elwin (Piano) in aid of Crisis at Christmas (retiring collection).
The Recital presents music by Haydn and Quilter, including Quilter’s song-cycle ‘To Julia’, alongside poetry by Herrick and Shakespeare.

2nd Sunday in Advent, December 10th

7.30pm “Hark the glad sound
a sequence of music and readings for the Advent season”

3rd Sunday in Advent, December 17th

4-5.45pm Advent Tea
6pm Christmas Songs of Praise with traditional Carols

CAROL SINGING in and around Southfields 
in aid of GLASS DOOR our local churches’ homeless charity providing shelter every night of the week during the winter months

Monday December 18th   6-7pm at the Tube Station (Southfield Churches Together)
Tuesday December 19th  between 7 and 9pm “Southfields Gardens”(meet at the Vicarage at 7pm)

CHRISTMAS EVE: Sunday, December 24th

4pm Family Crib Service
11pm Organ Music
11.30pm Holy Communion with Carols

CHRISTMAS DAY: Sunday, December 25th

10.00am Family Communion with Carols

Sunday, December 31st

8am Holy Communion (BCP)
10am Mattins

Christmas Fair

CHRISTMAS FAIR 2017 – November 25th 11am – 3pm

in the Church and the Community Centre

 Like in previous years, we are planning the following activities:

Toys stall, Lucky Bags,  Jams, Bottle Tombola, Kitchen, Cakes and bread, Gifts, Bric a brac, Books, Curry to take away, Fair-trade, Children’s activities, Tombola.

 Most of these activities have now got an organiser – if you want to help them, please sign up on the list.

 We also need people who are happy to sign up to bake, produce jams or marmalades, cook, donate gifts, set up before and clean & tidy up afterwards.

Glass Door in Southfields

Glassdoor is the largest Winter Night Shelter in London and operates across South West London. A Wandsworth section started in 2016 and St Barnabas Southfields participates on Friday evenings. This year’s cycle will begin on Friday 10th of November. This year there will be men and women staying. Glassdoor is professionally run so one experienced member of staff is present all evening and at least 2 night staff stay on the premises until the morning.

Currently we do have plenty of volunteers for the evening but some more would always be welcome on Saturday mornings which will allow the possibility of providing a better breakfast. The ideal at the heart of Glassdoor is to treat homeless people, who often experience hostility and violence, with dignity and hospitality. The main tasks for volunteers is to prepare St Barnabas halls for supper, produce food for a nourishing three course meal, provide warm drinks, to welcome our guests and to wash up afterwards as they prepare to sleep. For more information see . People from the church and the local community have found it a valuable and rewarding experience.

We’ll be CAROL SINGING in and around Southfields 
in aid of GLASS DOOR 

Monday December 18th   6-7pm at the Tube Station
Tuesday December 19th  between 7 and 9pm “Southfields Gardens”                  (meet at the Vicarage at 7pm)

Women’s supper

Saturday, November 11th 2017, from 7pm in the Vicarage. 
Please let Margery know if you’re coming. (8788 2024) Many thanks.
All welcome!

Reformation 1517 – 2017

On 31 October 1517 Martin Luther pinned 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, protesting against the practice of indulgences and touching on questions of grace, repentance and forgiveness.

The 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation provides the opportunity to explore and reflect upon issues of church, state, and religious and cultural diversity that are still at the centre of our national life: the conflicts that divide, and the convictions diverse parts of the Christian church hold sacred – the pillars on which their faith stands or falls. How are we called to be reformed by the Gospel? How do we build the unity Christ called for with those whose convictions are very different from our own?

This autumn St Martin in the Fields will host a lecture series, exploring some of these hopes and controversies. All lectures from 7.00pm-8.30pm on Monday evenings at St Martin-in-the-Fields, and are free and open to all.

If you are interested, you can listen here:

Alister McGrath on the Meaning of the Reformation 500 years ago and today – an introduction to the importance of the reformation not only for the church

Lucy Winkett and Sam Wells on Reforming the Church – exploring the challenges that the church faces today from the viewpoint of the reformation. There are now also a scripts available under the above link.

Nicholas Holtam, David Monteith and Sally Hitchiner on Reforming Marriage – exploring the challenges of gay relationships, civil partnerships and same sex marriage for the church.

David Olusoga and Liz Adekunle on Reforming Attitudes to Race – exploring our attitudes to race in 21st century Britain.

Nobel Peace Price 2017


The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapon (ICAN) wins the 2017 Nobel Peace prize



ICAN is a coalition of non-governmental organizations in one hundred countries. By harnessing the power of the people, we are working to bring an end to the most destructive weapon ever created – the only weapon that poses an existential threat to all humanity.

This prize is a tribute to the tireless efforts of many millions of campaigners and concerned citizens worldwide – including a number here at St Paul’s – who, ever since the dawn of the atomic age, have loudly protested nuclear weapons, insisting that they can serve no legitimate purpose and must be forever banished from the face of our earth.

It is a tribute also to the survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – the hibakusha – and victims of nuclear test explosions around the world, whose searing testimonies and unstinting advocacy were instrumental in securing this landmark agreement.

The work continues until all nuclear weapons have been destroyed.